Launched by On The Move in the summer of 2015, THRIVE Enterprises and its corresponding THRIVE Café, is actively reducing the barriers to employment faced by Napa’s most underserved populations, including those with mental health issues and young people exiting systems of care such as foster care, group homes and probation. The program provides clients paid on-the-job training, real world work experience and pre and post-employment coaching.

Understanding the increasing need to provide training opportunities to consumers of mental health services and others with documented high levels of unemployment, THRIVE has partnered with local agencies and the California Department of Rehabilitation to structure a training model that takes into account the challenges faced by much of Napa’s underserved populations:

  • People with mental illness face many obstacles to success in employment, including poverty, language barriers, high dropout rates in school, and stigma around their conditions.

  • 60% of youth exiting systems of care live below the poverty level as a result of inadequate education and employment opportunities.

  • Ongoing challenges to self sufficiency can lead to developmental delays, homelessness, substance abuse, recidivism, and isolation.

Since 2015, THRIVE work experience program has been successful in the following areas:

  • 40 trainees have been referred to the program by various local agencies and Department of Rehabilitation.

  • 13of these trainees have been successfully placed in permanent employment either as program Peer Mentors or as employees of local businesses.

  • 4 trainees have transitioned out of homelessness, 2 have enrolled as full-time college students, and 1 has joined an adult literacy program and is now reading at a 7th grade level.

  • 100% of all trainees have received monthly feedback related to job performance and all have demonstrated an evolving capacity to improve their skill sets in order to be at a competitive level with all other public job seekers.