Brenda Gaither

THRIVE Café Site Coordinator

Brenda has been with On The Move for three years and recently changed roles to be the site coordinator at THRIVE Café.  Brenda is committed to the training of our THRIVE Café interns and helping them prepare for successful employment in the competitive market.  Brenda values the work THRIVE does for our clients on both a professional and personal level.  In her personal time, Brenda enjoys camping and spending time with her 7 grandchildren.


Katherine Roof

Peer Mentor 

Katherine has been with THRIVE Café for almost one year and has made the successful transition from client to peer mentor.  Katherine is enjoying learning her new role and taking on creative tasks such as creating flyers and adding festive decorations to the Café environment.  When not at work, Katherine enjoys spending time with her family and investing in her community as a peer leader.


Aaron Fletcher

Site Coordinator/ Peer Mentor

Aaron has been with THRIVE as a Peer Mentor for two years, and prior to that he was both a Peer Mentor and trainee at Blue Skies Coffee and Teas for three years. He oversees ordering systems, cleanliness and sanitation, and all site logistics. Aaron is passionate about his work and is committed to the success of both THRIVE and the trainees he mentors. In his free time, Aaron enjoys fishing, camping, and movies.



Ken Lawton

Peer Mentor

Ken has been a Peer Mentor with THRIVE for two years and prior to that was a Peer Mentor and Trainee at Blue Skies Coffee and Teas for one year. Ken oversees the THRIVE baking program and works on recipe development in addition to his Peer Mentor duties. Ken is committed to customer service and helping Trainees succeed through personal growth and work experiences. When Ken is not in the Cafe, he enjoys basketball, swimming and cooking.